Things to Do

When visiting Lansing, do as the natives do - enjoy yourself! Whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, there's never a reason to be bored in the High Country. Outdoor opportunities abound, whether you enjoy hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, canoeing, river rafting, trout fishing, snow skiing, photography, going to a mountain folk festival to hear some great music, or just taking a picnic out to the riverbank to enjoy some mountain quietude in the company of a fresh mountain creek or river. Indoor enthusiasts can find plenty to do as well - enjoy a great home-cooked meal at one of our fine local restaurants, make some great finds at our unique shops, take a tour of our mountain winery, enjoy a performance by the Ashe County Little Theater, or scare yourself silly at our annual Halloween Haunted School. Both indoors and outdoors, every season and every holiday in Lansing and the surrounding area brings unusual and exciting events for the whole family to enjoy!

Pond Mountain

Congratulations to Walter Clark and the Blue Ridge Conservancy 

for the great article and spectacular pictures of Pond Mountain featured in

the January 2012 issue of Our State magazine. Read about it here or pick acopy up at the 

Ashe County Chamber of Commerce.Pond Mountain is located in the Lansing Area northwest of

Historic Downtown Lansing. For a map of the area

click here



The Pond Mountain Game Land is a new

public-hunting area under the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, offers a good population of deer, bear and grouse

Part of the Virginia Creeper Trail the park features a half-mile section of this historical landmark and modern biking trail in Lansing
NC Mountain Fly Fishing - Lansing boast some of the best trout fishing in the state. Come cast a line and good luck.


Blueberries fresh from the farm. Available from July till mid August. Already picked berries available or pick your own.

Picking Sessions

Friday Nights at 7:00 PM

2425 Silas Creek Rd.
Phone: 336-384-2382

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains,     Ashe county has the optimal growing conditions for the premium of Christmas trees - The Fraser Fir!

Grayson Highlands State Park

Va Creeper Trail Trestle 21

Appalachian Adventures

The Mount Rogers area contains some of the most spectacular scenery in Virginia. Mount Rogers is the highest elevation in Virginia (5729 ft), and nearby Whitetop Mountain (5520 ft) is the second highest peak. Hiking trails, horseback riding, camping, fishing, and wild ponies.

The Virginia Creeper Trail stretches          34 miles from Whitetop to Abingdon, VA.   The Virginia Creeper Trail is open to  hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Just a short drive from Lansing to Whitetop.

Lots of outfitters. A great family adventure.

Guided trail rides through the wilderness of the magnificent Virginia Highlands. View, bald  mountains, wild ponies, expansive vistas, wildflowers, and some of the most diverse scenery to be found.

Doug Cregger 276 783 4136

Canoeing the New River, Jefferson North Carolina

Reserve Today

Because of its great scenic beauty and recreational value, a 26 mile stretch of the South Fork has been designated a National Scenic River and has been set aside for canoeing. The New River is an ideal canoe stream for inexperienced paddlers, large groups, families, and canoe camping.

Zaloo's Canoes offers canoe kayak and tube rentals. Truly a great canoeing, kayaking and tubing river for a child's or beginners first river experience. We are the oldest and friendliest canoeing, tubing, and kayaking outfitter in the area with thirty four years of experience.

Located on the South Fork of the New River in Crumpler, NC. Riverside Canoe. New River canoeing in Northeastern Ashe County. Canoeing or kayaking on the South Fork along the 26 mile section of the National Wild & Scenic New River.
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