Lansing offers a myriad of interesting and unique stores, and shops.. Whether you're looking for genuine antiques, unusual consignments, fine art and crafts made by local area artists and artisans, basic household goods and services, or even some terrific locally-produced mountain wines, you're bound to find it here in Lansing.

Lansing Pawn & Trading Company
Phoenix Mountain Arts
Lansing Garage and Thrift Shop
Full Service Pawn Shop
A working arts studio. Featuring arts and crafts from our area. Artful, renovation services specializing in using recycled materials.
A great finds destination. Like to hunt for treasure? You just might find it here. Great auto repair shop also.


Main Street Discount
Shops Available
Phipps Country Store

Quilts, linens, towels, lace curtains,

tailored panels, and so much more.

Top quality at discount prices.

Lansing is located in a Historic District.

Open your business now in this growing, friendly, mountain community.

Storefronts are available.

Old time General Store where you can mingle and listen to old time music jams. The store also showcases local artists.

Country Charm
Lansing Foods
Lansing Village Shop
Handcrafted wood pcs. antiques, arts and crafts. Designer wreaths. Located in Lansing's Historic District.

Great grocery store in the heart of Lansing.

Fresh cut meats, hydroponic lettuces and much more.

22 vendors and more in the works.

Unique art, Lansing T-shirts, quilts, decor, jewelry, and food from Lost Branch Farms.

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