New River Winery

Located in Lansing, NC at the headwaters of the New River (one of the oldest rivers in North America), the New River Winery is the first commercial winery in Ashe County. The New River Winery has attempted to capture and reflect the essence and unique characteristics of the region in both its wines and its corporate philosophy. Founded in 2005 as a cooperative venture of wine lovers with common ties to Ashe County and the Blue Ridge High Country, the winery first introduced its flagship wines (Bohemia Red and Bohemia White), followed them with its signature Back Porch Blueberry, and now produces an extensive roster including local varietals such as its Seyval Blanc and Baco Noir. In August 2007, the winery moved to its new facility on the grounds of the old Lansing School and now offers a tasting patio, tours of its production facility and plenty of space for outdoor picnics with family and friends.


New River Winery
165 Piney Creek Road
Lansing, NC 28643-9376
Ph: (336) 384-1213
Upcoming Events


July 28

The King Bees

August 4

The Walker Family Band

August 11

Molly Andrews

August 18

Ola Belle Reed Open Jam

August 25

Gregor Mendel and the Alleles


September 1

The Crooked Road Ramblers

September 2

Jeff Moretz

September 8

The Sheets Family Band

September 15

Smokey Breeze

September 22

The Zypher Lightning Bolts


September 29

Worthless son in Laws

October 6

Stompfest Contemporary Arts and Music Festival

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