NC Mountain Fly Fishing

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has opened up a lot more of Lansing's Big Horse Creek for hatchery-supported trout fishing in recent years. Other nearby places also popular with fishermen in Ashe County are the North Fork of the New River flowing along N.C. 88, Helton Creek (now a delayed-harvest stream), Three Top Creek off N.C. 88 in Creston, Cranberry Creek from the Alleghany line near Laurel Springs, Peak Creek off N.C. 88 and Pine Swamp Creek near the Watauga County line.

Located near Lansing at the State Road 1361 Bridge to Tuckerdale, the Big Horse Creek is well-known for its amazing fly-fishing opportunties. For more information, contact the North Carolina Department of Tourism at 800-VISITNC or call Jeffrey Wilkins Fly Fishing at 336-644-7775.
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