Area Events and Upcomings


Annual Rubber Ducky Race

May 28

The Lansing Volunteer Fire Department holds the Rubber Ducky Festival annually in May. BBQ chicken dinners, live music and fun. The festival culminates with the Rubber Ducky Race down Big Horse Creek at 5 p.m. Race entry is $5 - which pairs contestants with a numbered duck -  the first three ducks to cross the finish line will win a cash prize.


Lansing Area Beach Blast

June 11

7:00PM to 10:00PM

Lansing Creeper Trail Park

$10.00 per person admission

Enjoy an evening of music from the 50s and 60s and those great tunes that make you feel like you are relaxing on white sans in the sun!

Sponsored by GLAD to help support the Big Horse Creek restoration project.



The First Annual Lansing Blues Festival

June 18

Featuring top-notch award winning visiting and local musicians.  This year's line up includes Fairlanes, Abe Reid, Lawyers Guns & Money, Blind-Dog Gatewood, Seth Williams and Chrysocolla,  The Lansing Blues Band
A Lansing NC & V-MUSE Production             

Blueberry Pancake Breakfast

July 16

Local blueberries and Ann Rose sausage served. Details to follow.

Sponsored by GLAD


 Greater LA Fest

September 9 - 10

Live gospel and folk music, crafts, fun activities for the kids including face painting, hay rides, along with great food and fellowship make for a great weekend outing for the whole family.               Lansing Creeper Trail Park

Corn Maze

Sept 15 - October 31

The Ashe County Corn Maze is located in the mountains of northwestern North Carolina, only a short drive from Lansing.. Come join us for a day of fun: 

Grayson Highlands Fall Festival

September 24 - 25

Grayson Highlands State Park will host the annual Grayson Highlands Fall Festival. The sound of bluegrass/old time music, the smell of sorghum molasses and barbequed chicken and a touch of fall in the air are only the beginning of what you can expect from this festival.

Lansing Haunted House

Sep. 24 - and every weekend in October

Every Friday and Saturday in October there will be a haunted house at the old Lansing school!

Over twenty rooms and hallways filled with gastly sites and terrifying horrors! 

Admission - $5 per person. - 7 - 10PM

Music at the Lansing Creeper Trail Park

May - Sept.

Dates and Bands to be announced


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