Lansing will never let you go hungry! You can always find awesome home-cooked meals at the Country House Restaurant; some great BBQ at one of the frequent Fire Department fundraisers; and amazing pizza, salads and sandwiches at the PIE on the MOUNTAIN eatery. Carl and Nita Jordan at Lansing Foods will gladly help you assemble the perfect picnic lunch to take to the Virginia Creeper Park or your favorite spot alongside the New River. If you like local wines, be sure to visit the New River Winery located on the premises of the historic Old Lansing School where you can choose from a growing list of fine varietals and house specialties; and even bring a picnic lunch for your family and friends to enjoy on the school grounds.
Country House Restaurant
Phipps Country Store
Awesome pizza, sandwiches and salads, made fresh to order. Fresh roasted coffee. Local foods. Out of the ordinary.
Homestyle cooking, soups, salads, burgers, unbelievable seafood specials and more. Dine in or take out.
Take a drive to a country store for        ICE CREAM

Famous burgers, sandwiches, soup, and  ice cream in a casual setting
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