Lodging and Accommodations

When staying in the mountains of Western North Carolina, there’s no finer way to enhance your visit than by staying in a rustic cabin, bungalow or cottage. If you’d rather find a place to park your camper or pitch your tent, we have those, too. The charming town of Lansing offers a range of comfortable and cheerful accommodations certain to meet your space and budgetary needs. Most facilities offer all the amenities of home, and are located within minutes of a wide variety of local entertainment, shopping and recreational opportunities. Listed below is just a sampling of places you can stay while you explore the area.


Antique log cabin tastefully restored with modern conveniences. Located just a short walk to downtown. Sleeps 6. 800 628 2663
Two spacious and sunny vacation rental apartments located in the heart of Lansing. Walk to everything. 704 626 0618

Vacation rental lodge. Sleeps 12, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Dogs allowed,    Your own private access to New River .



A true escape located on over 215 mountain top farm with 3 upscale cottages, and an event venue. Hiking, woodburning fireplaces trout fishing, hot tubs and more.

704 975 3058 www.onthewindfall.com

Enjoy a historic NC mountain private getaway in a relaxing country setting       with a charming Innkeeper.877 615 9678 www.buffalotavern.com

At the foot of Peak Mountain in beautiful Creston. Come enjoy the seasons and beautiful farm scenery. Come vist.
Back of cabin from Helton Creek

Bent Apple Cottage

Nestled at the top of a working farm with great views of the Blue Ridge mountains and great trout fishing nearby

A guide to an assortment of accomodations including cozy cabins, river houses, camping, B&Bs, and area hotels.

Helton Creek Cabin
  Just north of Lansing accommodates

14-15 people. 7 bedroom, 3.5 bath, cabin.  The adjacent Guest Cabin can accommodate 2-4 people.

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