Lansing NC


Be sure to bring your camera! No matter what the season, Lansing offers unforgettable landscape and scenery. Gorgeous mountain vistas are even more spectacular when brilliant with the incredible foliage colors of Autumn, when snow-covered in Winter, when blossoming with the colorful rhododendron and mountain wildflowers of Spring, and when lush with the green fullness of Summer.

Lansing offers year-round festivals and regular public gatherings open to families, traditional music lovers and everyone else looking for a bit of authentic mountain culture, whether you’re in town for a weekend, for a month or a for whole season. One of our most popular annual celebrations is the Ola Belle Reed Music Festival, held every August to honor songwriter and musician Ola Belle Reed, affectionately known as the Mother of Bluegrass. Other annual festivals include our annual Rubber Ducky Race on the New River and the annual five-week Halloween Haunted House event. Weekend barbecues sponsored by the Lansing Fire Department throughout the year are a must for everyone’s tastebuds!

We also offer incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, river rafting and canoeing, horseback riding, picnicking, and some of the best mountain trout fly-fishing opportunities in the mountains. If you like to bicycle, you’re certain to enjoy our proximity to the famed Virginia Creeper railroad-bed bike trail. If you’d rather drive around the area, Lansing is notably on the maps of three pre-planned and self-guided auto tours that have been set up to help you navigate around different parts of Ashe County in a morning or an afternoon.

When you had enough of the great outdoors (if that’s even possible!), you’ll find a bustling downtown filled with nearly three dozen small shops and businesses eager to show you their wares. Whether its mountain antiques or new works of art created by local artisans and crafters, we have some truly unique shops for you to explore.

And Lansing we'll never let you go hungry offering restaurants ranging from the awesome home-cooked meals at the Country House Restaurant to the amazing pizza, salads and sandwiches at the Pie on the Mountain eatery. If you like local wines, be sure to visit the New River Winery, in the Old Lansing School; choose from a growing list of fine varietals and house specialties; and even bring a picnic lunch for your family and friends to enjoy on the school grounds.

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